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3 Succession Options available to you

When it comes to your financial planning business and succession, we understand that it’s a sensitive topic requiring considerable thought and often thorough planning. It is something that most go through once, perhaps twice in a lifetime. So it’s too important to get it wrong.


Our suggestion is to start with yourself and ask some fundamental questions primarily around control, preparation, and timing. We have available a diagnostic tool that has been developed specifically for Financial Service Business Owners. It asks some critical questions and assists to provide clarity on what will, and won’t suit you, and your personal circumstances

The tool is designed to give clarity about

  • Available options
  • Actions steps that are likely to fit with you personally.
  • As important it will highlight the avenues that will not work for you.

Generally, an exiting principal will want the following outcomes

  1. optimum price – best price achievable in the current market
  2. best terms
  3. the best match for clients
  4. an outcome that works for existing staff
  5. an agreeable and practical transition period

When it comes to the event itself we have found the best thing a vendor can do is define clearly what their aspiration outcome is and with the weighting built into the system a customized aspitation outcome will be defined.

We can offer you the following at this point

  1. A straight-out offer on your business
  2. A diagnostic exercise to produce a picture of what your specifc ideal outcome will look like
  3. A comprehensive strategy designed specifically around yourself and your perosnal aspiration


Before talking to us, please request a confidentiality document to be signed by us. Doing this should give you comfort that your anonymity and company information will be protected.

We understand this is a sensitive delicate exercise to go through and that confidentiality is paramount.












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